Leaders must be transparent and honest with their constituents. Unlike Barbara's opponent, who privately accepted $14,000 from disgraced former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder. Barbara will be upfront and honest with voters, and not conceal information from the public. 

Barbara's opponent is a corrupt and dangerous lawmaker, who voted to keep Larry Householder in office after he was indicted. As a lawyer, Barbara is not afraid to take on corporations like FirstEnergy and has fought against the very corruption that has plagued our statehouse. We must elect her to fight for the integrity of the people of Ohio!


Barbara will zealously represent everyone in our district, not just those who voted for her. Our district has endured four years of neglect. Our current Representative has enacted laws that are extremely dangerous and negatively affect our district.  As your State Representative, Barbara will advocate for everyone and be accessible to her constituents, unlike her opponent. Barbara is going to the State House to work for you, and in doing so she will embrace and listen to her constituents.

Responsible Gun Ownership

Barbara respects the Second Amendment and is herself a gun owner. To ensure responsible gun ownership, Barbara supports expanding background checks for all gun sales and keeping guns out of schools. Bills currently supported by Barbara's opponent are dangerous, make our streets unsafe, and encourage vigilante justice. Barbara’s common sense approach to gun policy protects constitutional rights while keeping communities and our families safe. 

Personal Freedom

The well-being, dignity, and opportunity for women to make their own healthcare decisions is under attack. Legislators at the State House, including Barbara’s opponent, support reckless and dangerous legislation. House Bill 480 will ban all abortions and strip women of their consitutional rights to the integrity of their families. This bill places a bounty on women,   pits neighbors against each other, and makes women second-class citizens.

 The Government should not have control over when a woman chooses to begin or expand her family.  That should be a confidential conversation between a woman and her doctor. Barbara is pro choice, and respects medical decisions made by women concerning their own bodies. 

Barbara believes in the right of any person to make their own decisions over their bodies. The government should not interfere in healthcare decisions between any person and their doctor.

Education/Families & Children

Barbara has extensive knowledge and experience in educating and advocating for families and children. As a lawyer with a focus on family law, Barbara has fought and won in the courtroom for countless children and families.  Barbara has been a music teacher since 1988, and has been a volunteer instructor for the Marysville marching band. Barbara supported her husband when he served on the school board and she is a true leader for students. 

Barbara uplifts students and supports a focus on mental health in order to keep our children safe. Barbara supports putting more qualified mental health professionals in schools and sensitivity training for teachers regarding race, gender, and sexual orientation. Barbara believes that this training provides extra protection to students of all identities, allowing a better environment and safe space for learning. 

Fair Minimum Wage

Far too many Ohioans have to work multiple low paying jobs just to make ends meet. One good job should be enough to keep food on the table and to support your family. Barbara respects the dignity of work, the middle class, and all American workers. Raising Ohio's minimum wage to a living wage of $15.00 per hour would finally give respect to our workers and allow everyday people to live more comfortably.

Climate Responsibility

Barbara acknowledges and believes the science of climate change. She understands climate change is a human crisis and we must work to reduce it. Barbara understands that we must enact legislation to help us turn around the climate crisis and save our planet. 

The people of Union County are poised to prosper by expanding the use of green energy and economic progress in the use of solar power to fuel their future.  

Separation of Church & State

Barbara is a woman of faith, and that is not just a campaign slogan. She and her husband are active in their church, and she is respectful of people of all faiths. However, our government was made to have a clear separation of church and state. Barbara understands the intentions of the founding fathers, and the constitutional principle that is the separation of church and state. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 

- First Amendment, U.S. Constitution